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Sell with us

TNT AUCTIONS is ready to help you sell your items. Whether trying to downsize, finding buyers for your collectibles, liquidating inventory, or for any other reason, we have the knowledge and experience to help!



We have the experience to properly promote, feature and manage the sales process to ensure a smooth transaction that will strive to achive the highest return for your offerings.

Comprehensive services

Once you drop off your goods, we take care of everything: photography , listing, marketing, handling buyer inquiries, the auction, collecting the proceeds, etc. We also store and handle  pick-ups. Once funds are collected, we promptly pay your earnings.

Quick turnaround

The fact we hold one or more weekly auctions, with hundreds of listings each, allows us to offer a fast timeline from the moment you drop off your items, to the one when you collect your proceeds!

Maximum Returns

We have a loyal following consisting on thousands of local, loyal buyers that have bid on both our in-house and online auctions. This, along with our marketing campaigns, ensures maximum exposure to relevant buyers.

Competitive commissions

Our low seller-fees make us an affordable, quick and efficient option for selling your goods.


We're here to help! Just send us an email at

We will gladly explain how it all works.

Natalia F.

Extremaly happy with my purchase, very friendly staff. Can't wait for the next sale.

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