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Frequently asked questions

Here, you'll find the answers to the most common questions you may have.

If you can't find the answers you need, or if you have specific questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Auction schedule

We hold our traditional online auctions every Wednesday evening starting at 6:30pm.  Additional auction dates are  scheduled throughout the year.  Please always refer to our Auctions page for the most comprehensive  and recent schedule.


All bids online are considered final and binding.  Please always inspect the items you"re intending to bid on carefully. Please refer to each auction's page for specifics on the items, alloted viewing times (if any), or for how to ask questions or get additional details BEFORE bidding. Once you place a bid, you enter a binding and final purchase agreement for the item in question, should you be the highest bidder.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Unless specified otherwise a 15% buyer's premium, $1 Handling fee per item and HST is added to all purchases.

For our ONLINE AUCTIONS, all winning bids will be invoiced and the payments will be maid by register credit cards trough the Hibid System.

Non process payments must be maid by VISA/MASTERCARD/DEBIT cards; or with cash / etransfers. All purchases must be settled by the end of Monday following the closing auction.

Winning bids

For ONLINE AUCTIONS, the bidding system follows a soft-close rule, which accurately mimics the last-minute bidding that takes place during a live  auction. Instead of closing at the scheduled time, bidding is extendended by 60 seconds whenever there is a last-minute bid.  This system is designed to prevent auction-sniping, and to allow for fair competition.

 All items must be picked up within the 3 business days after the auction closes (unless the rules for a specific auction allow a different schedule). 


Unless specifically approved by TNT Auctions, any remaining items past the pick-up scheduled times, will be considered forfeited by the buyer, and will be re-sold. 

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